Dearborn Native Sean Madigan Hoen Writes About Punk, Addiction in 'Songs

Dearborn native Sean Madigan Hoen writes about punk, addiction in 'Songs

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It's night and he, his mother and his younger sister, Caitlin, have no idea where his dad, a Ford Motor employee with a crack cocaine addiction, has gone after bolting from rehab in his daughter's car. "One night he's chiding me for having slacked on … Read more on


The Libertines to Reunite for One-Off Gig at London's Hyde Park

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Despite rising to international acclaim with their two LPs (2002's Up the Bracket and 2004's The Libertines), inter-band turmoil and Doherty's highly publicized drug addiction (including battles with heroin and crack cocaine) led to their breakup in 2004. Read more on


William Hill to close more than 100 betting shops after hike in gaming machine

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… Hill said it believes there is room for changes to planning laws to allow councils to limit the number of bookies in a particular area, they did not accept the argument that FBOTs – the so-called 'crack cocaine of gambling' – are a cause of … Read more on Liverpool Echo