'A Man Called Destruction': A Definitive Bio of Alex Chilton, Cult Legend of Rock

'A Man Called Destruction': a definitive bio of Alex Chilton, cult legend of rock

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After a name change, the Devilles became the Box Tops. Lady luck smiled upon Chilton … Chilton's increasing problems caused his live performances to become erratic, and his records also suffered from a lack of focus. Bell died in a … Read more on Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


Deadly addiction: Heroin use, a tragic wrong turn for prescription drug

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Paramedics administered a dose of Narcan, a drug that reverses the effects of opiates like heroin. The man … Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services Commissioner Patricia Rehmer said this spring that on average one Connecticut resident a … Read more on Insurance News Net (press release)


Legal Medical Marijuana May Not Raise Teen Pot Use

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The data showed that nearly 21 percent of teens had used marijuana in the past month, but there were no significant differences in pot use before and after a state legalized medical marijuana, according to the study released online April 15 in advance … Read more on WebMD


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