Is Adderal Bad for You?

Question by Giegue: Is adderal bad for you?
I’ve had a problem for a long time, most of my life that is. I’ve been very hyperactive most of my childhood and I’ve been always terrible in school. I mean Failures from top to bottom. Nobody really noticed and I thought it was just me being lazy. If my grades fell, my parents would take my stuff away like video games and music, privileges ETC. But I knew I was not going to be able to succeed and instead of trying i submitted to that fact and never tried. Now as a junior, as a insecure failure with few freinds, I tried adderal (prescribed too, I have a therapist now) It’s really changing this around. I’m able to comprehend my work and I’m motivated to do it, I’m also not tense like I am all the time. Is it bad for you in any way? I know I need it, things are looking up, but I just want a heart attack or something when I’m 20.

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Answer by Dr. Nick
I’m prescribed Adderall too, and it works WONDERS for me. The only real danger of adderall is stunted growth, but at your age you should be fine. Also, take it as prescribed, because too much of it can cause heart problems. If you feel your heart is beating too fast or you feel like you are “cracked out on speed” then you probably are taking too much. But really, adderall is pretty safe as long as it is taken as prescribed and you don’t miss doses (it’s a physically addicting medication so you get withdrawl symptoms if you dont take it) but dont worry about the “addictive” thing, its nothing like being an alcoholic or meth user.

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