Children's Kinder Egg Capsules Found in Street Contained HEROIN Instead of Toys

Children's Kinder Egg capsules found in street contained HEROIN instead of toys

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Heroin and crack cocaine have been found stashed in Kinder Egg capsules left lying in the street. The capsules, which are usually found inside Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs and normally contain children's toys, were discovered by officers patrolling … Read more on


Ladbrokes warns of further shop closures

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… Ladbrokes called a “totally unexpected increase” in machine games duty from 20pc to 25pc to target fixed-odds betting terminals – touch screen gaming machines found in high street betting shops, which have been dubbed the “crack cocaine” of gambling. Read more on


Springfield police: Charles Roman, 31, arrested after officer finds cocaine in

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Searching further, police found a Nutter Butter cookie package filled with a large amount of crack cocaine, wedged into the vehicle's emergency brake handle, Sgt. John M. Delaney said. Charles Roman, 31, of 28 Donbray Road, was charged with possession … Read more on


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