Children's Kinder Egg Capsules Found in Street Contained HEROIN Instead of Toys

Children's Kinder Egg capsules found in street contained HEROIN instead of toys

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Heroin and crack cocaine have been found stashed in Kinder Egg capsules left lying in the street. The capsules, which are usually found inside Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs and normally contain children's toys, were discovered by officers patrolling … Read more on


Ladbrokes warns of further shop closures

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Are You a Mobile Addict?

Are you a mobile addict?

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While accounting for only 48 percent of mobile users, women accounted for 52 percent of mobile addicts. For female addicts, the most popular app categories are moms, parenting and education, gaming and sports, in that order. For male addicts, the most … Read more on FierceMobileIT


Eating Disorders Caused By ‘Acquired Addiction’ – Eating disorder specialist and former addict Kay Sheppard joins Josh to talk about the different types of addiction that people can face when it comes to foo…


If Meth Is So Bad…?

Question by Im not stupid i just dont care: If meth is so bad…?
Why do doctors prescribe it around america to children?

Just woundering….
oh but it is a

Methamphetamine is Schedule II in the United States. This means it is illegal to sell without a DEA license and illegal to buy or possess without a license or prescription.

Methamphetamine (sometimes referred to as methylamphetamine or desoxyephedrine) is a psychostimulant drug used primarily for recreational purposes, but is sometimes prescribed for ADHD and narcolepsy under the brand name Desoxyn. -wikipedia.con
EDIT # 2 No… im sure of it.. its prescription look it up ur selves.

Lives 'Left in Ruin' by Rising Tide of Depression Drugs

Lives 'left in ruin' by rising tide of depression drugs

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According to recent research, one in three British women and one in 10 men now take the medication, including popular brands such as Prozac, Cipramil and Seroxat, at some point in their lives. … GP wrote her a prescription for lorazepam, a potent … Read more on


Remembering the Drug Court Revolution

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Breaking: Trend Stories Are Bullsh*T

Breaking: Trend Stories Are Bullsh*t

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While no one would argue that it's healthy for pregnant mothers to expose their unborn babies to cocaine, the disastrous effects predicted in widely reported studies about prenatal cocaine exposure didn't come to pass. And the media's emphasis on this … Read more on Daily Beast


Treatable With New Drug From FDA

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On Tv I See a Book on The”alcoholism Cure”..?

Question by jim b: on tv i see a book on the”alcoholism cure”..?
im in recovery and the aa people i talk to say AA is the only way, anyone read the book? input? pls

Best answer:

Answer by Future Doctor
I haven’t read or heard about the book. But I’m sure the book is just a gimmick for you to spend your money on the book. Alcoholism is sometimes “cured” because someone got a wake up call or some psychological change but that can be the same for any addiction. For many if not all it is a physical addiction that your body and mind gets used to it and actually craves it. It is hard to get over any addiction, the book might help change your mindset or it might not. Everybody acts different to addiction/ recovery. What might heal you might not heal someone else and vice versa.

Victim's Ear Bitten Off During Bellambi Attack, Court Hears

Victim's ear bitten off during Bellambi attack, court hears

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In a bid to give some context to his cruel behaviour, De Wet told the court on Thursday that he was a "paranoid", "crazy" mess at the time of the attack, hearing voices in his head and addicted to crystal meth and Xanax. "Do you believe if you hadn't … Read more on Illawarra Mercury


Shooting lessons: Washington state v. Gail Gerlach

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Dr. Foojan Zeine With Michael: Recovery From Drug Addiction – Addiction Treatment

Dr. Foojan Zeine with Michael: Recovery from Drug Addiction – Addiction Treatment – Dr. Foojan Zeine ( with Michael: Recovery from . Call: 818-648-2140 My New Li…


New Helpline in Azle Assists Teens Find Substance abuse Treatment

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LIGHTNING RELEASES 04/21/14 — Drug and alcohol abuse has been a major problem in Azle, TX for a many years. The alarming rate of teen addiction is particularly disturbing. To help address this issue, a new helpline has been implemented to assist … Read more on Ticker Report

DMX's Ex-Wife Claims He's Not Really Broke

DMX's Ex-Wife Claims He's Not Really Broke

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To help promote her tell-all book “You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea,” DMX's ex-wife Tashera Simmons sat down with Forbez DVD Live for an interview. During the conversation, Simmons spoke on DMX's money situation, claiming that “He is not broke … Read more on XXLMAG.COM


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Is Adderal Bad for You?

Question by Giegue: Is adderal bad for you?
I’ve had a problem for a long time, most of my life that is. I’ve been very hyperactive most of my childhood and I’ve been always terrible in school. I mean Failures from top to bottom. Nobody really noticed and I thought it was just me being lazy. If my grades fell, my parents would take my stuff away like video games and music, privileges ETC. But I knew I was not going to be able to succeed and instead of trying i submitted to that fact and never tried. Now as a junior, as a insecure failure with few freinds, I tried adderal (prescribed too, I have a therapist now) It’s really changing this around. I’m able to comprehend my work and I’m motivated to do it, I’m also not tense like I am all the time. Is it bad for you in any way? I know I need it, things are looking up, but I just want a heart attack or something when I’m 20.