Are You a Mobile Addict?

Are you a mobile addict?

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While accounting for only 48 percent of mobile users, women accounted for 52 percent of mobile addicts. For female addicts, the most popular app categories are moms, parenting and education, gaming and sports, in that order. For male addicts, the most … Read more on FierceMobileIT


Eating Disorders Caused By ‘Acquired Addiction’ – Eating disorder specialist and former addict Kay Sheppard joins Josh to talk about the different types of addiction that people can face when it comes to foo…


Parks Canada's plan to provide Internet hotspots is a blow to serenity

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Given society's addiction to screens, it's a matter of time until the glow of the fire is replaced by the glow of campers staring into cyberspace — and with that, the sense of a small village in the woods is dead forever. Now, with marshmallows, there … Read more on Toronto Sun


What medical professionals say about patients behind their backs

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In his new book released Tuesday, The Secret Language of Doctors, Dr. Brian Goldman reveals a veritable dictionary of verbal shorthand used by many physicians, nurses and other health professionals to discuss — and often diss — various types of … Read more on The Globe and Mail