Victim's Ear Bitten Off During Bellambi Attack, Court Hears

Victim's ear bitten off during Bellambi attack, court hears

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In a bid to give some context to his cruel behaviour, De Wet told the court on Thursday that he was a "paranoid", "crazy" mess at the time of the attack, hearing voices in his head and addicted to and Xanax. "Do you believe if you hadn't … Read more on Illawarra Mercury


Shooting lessons: Washington state v. Gail Gerlach

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No sympathy seeking twisting of facts there. Nor is any mention made that he was stealing yet another car while under the influence of the methamphetamine in his system, or what risk this posed to other motorists or bystanders. Or mention made of the … Read more on Coeur d’Alene Press


Former Hidalgo County sheriff admits to campaign money laundering charge

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With a hand in his pocket and a slight tilt to his head, Treviño agreed to the facts of the case that were read by Assistant U.S. Attorney James Sturgis, who said that from June 1, 2011, to December 2012, Treviño conspired to conduct financial … Read more on Brownsville Herald


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