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Children's Kinder Egg Capsules Found in Street Contained HEROIN Instead of Toys

Children's Kinder Egg capsules found in street contained HEROIN instead of toys

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Heroin and crack cocaine have been found stashed in Kinder Egg capsules left lying in the street. The capsules, which are usually found inside Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs and normally contain children's toys, were discovered by officers patrolling … Read more on


Ladbrokes warns of further shop closures

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Lives 'Left in Ruin' by Rising Tide of Depression Drugs

Lives 'left in ruin' by rising tide of depression drugs

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According to recent research, one in three British women and one in 10 men now take the medication, including popular brands such as Prozac, Cipramil and Seroxat, at some point in their lives. … GP wrote her a prescription for lorazepam, a potent … Read more on


Remembering the Drug Court Revolution

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Is Adderal Bad for You?

Question by Giegue: Is adderal bad for you?
I’ve had a problem for a long time, most of my life that is. I’ve been very hyperactive most of my childhood and I’ve been always terrible in school. I mean Failures from top to bottom. Nobody really noticed and I thought it was just me being lazy. If my grades fell, my parents would take my stuff away like video games and music, privileges ETC. But I knew I was not going to be able to succeed and instead of trying i submitted to that fact and never tried. Now as a junior, as a insecure failure with few freinds, I tried adderal (prescribed too, I have a therapist now) It’s really changing this around. I’m able to comprehend my work and I’m motivated to do it, I’m also not tense like I am all the time. Is it bad for you in any way? I know I need it, things are looking up, but I just want a heart attack or something when I’m 20.

Business Live: AstraZeneca Tells Pfizer It Is Better Off Alone

Business Live: AstraZeneca tells Pfizer it is better off alone

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Katja Hall, the CBI's chief policy director, tells the Today programme why the business lobby group is expecting such great things from the economy in the next three months: "Because the recovery is really taking root and is becoming broad-based. Read more on BBC News



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Rules Change Means More Drug Offenders Are Eligible for Clemency

Rules change means more drug offenders are eligible for clemency

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The changes are part of a broader effort by the to modify sentencing laws, allowing for use of rehabilitation and other alternatives to deal with non-violent drug offenders and those who previously faced tough mandatory minimum … Read more on — Quad Cities News & Weather from WQAD


Portsmouth Municipal Court beginning its own drug court

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What Happens to Your Brain on Sugar, Explained by Science

What Happens to Your Brain on Sugar, Explained by Science

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On the right side is your brain on drugs. Notice the similarities? For comparison, this image shows PET scans of obese and cocaine-addicted brains. Notice that … So basically, Oreos are legal crack. A 2013 profile in the New York Times revealed the … Read more on PolicyMic


Ex-LI lawyer gets 4 years for urging client to commit perjury

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Are the Feds Hoarding Pot?

Are the Feds Hoarding Pot?

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The federal , long perceived as blocking research on marijuana's medical uses, may be cracking its doors open a bit. The institute is funding a University of California at Davis study on whether vaporized … NIDA's Web … Read more on Daily Beast


Feds to weigh clemency for nonviolent inmates

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Sandwich Frustration Leads to Road Rage in Surrey, BC

Sandwich Frustration Leads To Road Rage In Surrey, BC

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A B.C. driver, who decided that his hunger for a sandwich was more important than an emergency medical situation, was fined almost $ 400. An elderly customer at Sue's Bookshelf in Surrey collapsed on Tuesday morning. "She had quit breathing and had lost … Read more on Huffington Post Canada


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Protect Your Privacy When Using Social Media

Protect your privacy when using

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… even those who are especially careful know that privacy can be compromised online. So it's important social media users make themselves aware of the potential pitfalls of sharing information on social media platforms, and understand how to protect … Read more on Farm and Dairy


It's here! Database to prevent future crime

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Dearborn Native Sean Madigan Hoen Writes About Punk, Addiction in 'Songs

Dearborn native Sean Madigan Hoen writes about punk, addiction in 'Songs

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It's night and he, his mother and his younger sister, Caitlin, have no idea where his dad, a Ford Motor employee with a , has gone after bolting from rehab in his daughter's car. "One night he's chiding me for having slacked on … Read more on


The Libertines to Reunite for One-Off Gig at London's Hyde Park

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