Guest Column: Marijuana Is Far Safer Than Alcohol

Guest Column: Marijuana is far safer than alcohol

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Using this metric, alcohol is moderately addictive, much like tranquilizers such as Valium, or stimulants like methamphetamines. Marijuana is low in addictive potential, in the same range as caffeine. At the extreme end of … Turning to the literature … Read more on Tahoe Daily Tribune


The Truth About High School Drug Stings: Are Undercover Cops Invading Your

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Before the semester was up, they had amassed enough evidence to arrest almost two dozen students, with a haul that included marijuana, cocaine, LSD, ecstasy, and meth. But they also managed to ignite a growing controversy surrounding a tactic that's … Read more on Huffington Post


Heroin finding new market on streets of Saskatoon

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"Now that we have our crystal meth people, more of those users we're seeing are being involved in the heroin usage also," Engele said. People who are using crystal meth — an amphetamine — will sometimes turn to heroin to counteract the effects of the … Read more on