Has Anyone Observed Any Side Effects of Phenylpropanolamine in Dogs?

Question by animalsrgodsgifts: Has anyone observed any side effects of phenylpropanolamine in dogs?
My dachshund Mishy 12 years of age has been diagnosed with Urethral Sphincter Mechanism Incompetence. She takes 1 pill a day (25mg). She has been on it for about 6 weeks now and I must say this drug really works. Bless her heart she is able to go out her doggy door when she has to use the bathroom. So it is not like she is walking around having accidents everywhere. Sometimes while she is sleeping she would have a accident because her muscles would relax. I felt bad for her because she would look at me like she was embarrassed. I assured her that it is o.k. I have read stuff here and there on the internet about this drug. I just wanted some input from others about any possible side effects you may have observed in your dog. What I have noticed is she looks like she is getting thin but she is eating. She has never really had a big appetite she will only eat once a day even though I offer her food twice a day. To me she just looks poor. Also she does not act lethargic or anything. Thanks

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before or after it was reduced to mathamphetamine?

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The is an amphetamine used to “dry up” fluids. It use to be used as a decongestant too. It is what it is. It speeds things up, dries up mucous, etc. It’s not dangerous used in correct dosage. It does decrease appetite. That’s why ephedra worked before it was taken off the market. Amphetamines are what they are. Ritilin, ephedra, illegal “meth” drugs, pseudophedrine, etc are all ammphetamines. They are very useful in correct dosages under your doctor’s care, but have been abused with horrible results.

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