How Much Do Rehab Counselors Make ?

Question by : How much do rehab counselors make ?
So i am starting to see what i am interested in when im older… and ever since a loss of a family member to drugs i have been interested in the career tittle of helping other with drugs and alcohol addictions .. So i been thinking about a Drug/Alcohol Counselor… but what exactly do they do and how much do they make… ive looked on the internet but they never really gave me a straight answer (the area i would work would be San Diego/Los Angeles California area)

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I am so sorry for the loss of your loved one. How terrific that you’re wanting to make a difference though. A drug and alcohol counselor (or “addictions specialist” or “substance abuse counselor”) needs to get certified and have gotten a lot of clinical fieldwork experience with an actual patient caseload under supervision. A lot of jobs prefer those with a master’s degree. Some community colleges offer an associate (two-year) degree program in addictions counseling and that may help one to realize if he or she would like to continue in the field with training. There may be a bachelor’s degree in substance abuse counseling, too.

For general career info: and can search ‘counselors’ or such.

This site has more specific information about addictions counseling: and can click “education” and then “certification” or such.

For more information about addictions (and other types of) of counseling and to search for accredited programs in counseling:

With schooling, please avoid those private overly priced For-profit schools such as strayer, ashworth, devry, ITT tech, capella, argosy, keiser, aiu, walden, university of phoenix, colorado tech, kaplan, ashford, sanford brown, anthem, pima institute, brown mackie and others as they are merely out to “make a profit” (** and their course credits may NOT transfer to other schools).

These consumer sites have negative posts by former students about those private $ $ for-profit schools, and please heed the students’ warnings:



– and can search.

U.S. colleges:

To search for possible local volunteer opportunities (including perhaps for a Crisis Helpline in which one would listen to the callers as opposed to giving advice):

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