Is She Using Crystal Meth? if Not What Drug?

Question by Haley: Is she using Crystal Meth? If not what drug?
Okay so I know for a fact that a friend of mine is using some sort of drug. I’ve done some research and came to the conclusion that she is using Crystal Methamphetamine. I decided this because I have noticed strange things about her and new habits that she has started. Although she doesn’t have all of the signs I feel like that just means she isn’t using every day, even though I understand Meth is VERY addictive.

Things that I have noticed about her:
1. Her skin is breaking out. Now I read about users “picking” at there skin but she doesn’t appear to have scabs or anything…it just looks like she is constantly picking her acne and popping pimples.
2. She has lost SOOO much weight. She is a mother of 4 and recently has been trying to loose weight, but within in the past few months she has become SOOO thin, and scrawny looking.
3. Although I personally haven’t seen it, someone told me they notice she has been grinding her teeth.
4. I was in her car trying to help her find something and when I opened up her glove box, I noticed quite a few spoons and straws(the plastic ones from Wendy’s, McDonalds ect).

Today I stayed the night and she got a call from a family member and sat on the back porch to talk to them. She nonstop talked for at least 30 minutes and then while still on the phone she went out to her car. She came back a few minutes later and went straight to the back porch. I didn’t think of anything until I realized how much she was nonstop talking. I then sadly thought the worst and thought she was using meth in her car. I then knew she was using SOME SORT of drug when she hung up the phone and went straight to her bed, and past out within 10 minutes. I went in there and shook her trying to wake her up and shouted at her but she just kept snoring. She is now dead asleep and obviously she is on some sort of drug.

So I’m concluding she is using Crystal Meth, but I’m not positive. I would like peoples opinions on whether they think she is using Meth or anyother type of drug.

There are no needle marks on her arms or anything like that.
I also tried to get her up. Slapping her didn’t do anything. She is dead asleep.
HER KIDS ARE ADULTS! THEY DO NOT LIVE AT HOME! I would have called the police by now if they did!!!

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Answer by EVIL
It could be crystal meth, Heroin, or black tar cocaine or prescription pills or oxycotene etc….. first do you see nnedle marks on her arms and try to get her current blood sample and test it at a lab…. or se could be snorting up her nose or smoking it too??? I need more details or photos YO………. sneak in her living quarters and look for drug type tools or evidence….

Answer by Anthony
doesn’t sound like crystal it doesn’t let you sleep and you don’t lose weight that fast maybe its something else a good ol slap in the face might wake her up but Um ask her make her do rehab maybe she’s just starving herself using some sort of lame vitamin slurping pills maybe Idk good luck

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