Legislation Tries to Keep Up With Banned Substances

Legislation tries to keep up with banned substances

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Bath salts are stimulant drugs similar to methamphetamines that stimulate the nervous and cardiac systems. This can lead to heart attacks, seizures, brain damage and severe hallucinations. People who use bath salts have also been known to have violent … Read more on Legislative Gazette


Terminator's Nick Stahl Arrested Again—Find Out What He Got Busted for This

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The Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines star was arrested Friday morning at 5 a.m. by police in Los Angeles for alleged possession of methamphetamines, E! News has learned. An LAPD spokesman tells us officers were conducting probation searches at a … Read more on E! Online


SA being targeted for sale of new drugs

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While this route is mainly used for heroin, hashish and chemicals used to manufacture methamphetamines are also moved. “The trafficking routes through southern Africa have likely developed in response to improved policing along the 'Balkans route' to … Read more on Independent Online