Other Views: Sanity Needed in Sentencing

Other Views: Sanity needed in sentencing

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That's the non-sensical and costly result of Congress' panic over the crack epidemic of the 1980s and 1990s — and one that has profoundly unjust consequences since blacks were more likely to use crack and whites more likely to use powder cocaine. In … Read more on LubbockOnline.com


The new politics of crime

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In truth, the knee-jerk approach to crime policy predated 1988, with a rash of mandatory minimum drug laws, and then accelerated afterwards; and the worst part was that so many politicians, even though they knew better, were afraid to vote against … Read more on Marietta Daily Journal


William Hill to shut 100 shops after Osborne's tax hike on 'crack cocaine

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The Chancellor stunned the industry in last month's Budget when he increased duty on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals, dubbed the 'crack cocaine' of gambling. The increase means 109 loss-making William Hill shops will never make money and have to shut, … Read more on Daily Mail