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Why Do Deluxe Glitterati Mints Make Me Feel High?

Question by Lindsey: Why do deluxe glitterati mints make me feel high?
I ate this mint I found in my house and i began to feel weird. I had my friend eat one and she felt weird too. We both felt high and it made us pass out. We were wondering if they do anything to the mints.

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Answer by towandakim
The manufacturer doesn’t do anything to them, they’re high end mints with triple distilled peppermint oils and they’re given out in some of the finest restaurants and hotels worldwide. They’re imported from Italy.

How Can You Know for Sure if Someone Is Doing Cocaine When?

Question by livelife: How can you know for sure if someone is doing cocaine when?
all the evidence I actually saw was two short thick straws and they were proped up in an ashtray. My daughter is dating a new guy and he is very private. I saw this at her apartment when she was gone.Now she is very moody and snaps at you, cries a lot and never comes around like she did.She is also loosing weight. Never has money and had to move to a one room apt. to pay her rent recently.She lies a lot and is always clinging to this new b.friend.How do I approach her and does someone addicted to crack need a treatment center to get off of it?

I Have Morphine Sulfate and How Much Does It Take to Make You High?

Question by lailaolivia: i have morphine sulfate and how much does it take to make you high?
my friend does drugs and i have some morphine sulfate for my back pain and she wants me to give some to her so she feels high?..

how many pills does it take for you to get high?
I NEED to know.

tell me that so i give her less pills so she doesnt OD or feel anything, i want her to stop drugs.

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What Do You Think About Methadone as a Treatment for Heroin Addiction?

Question by Christina: What do you think about methadone as a treatment for heroin addiction?
Alot of people look down on iy, bu its been proved to work better than the 12 step groups and the like. If you agree its good why? If you don’t why?

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Answer by Sick of Butt-Hurt People
“bu its been proved to work better than the 12 step groups and the like.”

Please provide evidence for this assumption.

'I Do Not Use Crack Cocaine,' Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Says

'I do not use crack cocaine,' Toronto Mayor Rob Ford says

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Instead, Mr. Ford directed his comments at reports that he was caught on video smoking crack cocaine. “I do not use crack cocaine, nor am I an addict of crack cocaine,” said the mayor, with his brother, Councillor Doug Ford, on one side and Deputy … Read more on Globe and Mail


Lakritz: Ford lynch mob should hang their heads in shame

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Sunday Links – Crystal Meth Didn't Come From JeffCo

Sunday Links – Crystal Meth Didn't Come From JeffCo

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Two Conference Finals Game Ones are in the books, it turns out crystal methamphetamine is not originally from JeffCo (but its' origin may shock you) and quite possibly the worst workout video you'll ever see. Sunday links! ? Share on Facebook · ? Tweet … Read more on St. Louis Game Time


Is Meth Worth Doing? – Video clips belong to the MethProject, I do not own them. Background song: Its Hard To Say Goodbye – Michael Ortega.

Targeted Drugs to Tackle Hepatitis C

Targeted drugs to tackle hepatitis C

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… flu-like symptoms, depression and exhaustion — he took leave from his job as a chef in New York. John, whose name has been changed to protect his privacy, was at high risk of catching the virus, having once been addicted to crystal methamphetamine. Read more on


EWU Deputy Chief looks back on lifetime in law enforcement

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Editorial: Resurgence of Deadly Heroin Underscores Need for Treatment

Editorial: Resurgence of deadly heroin underscores need for treatment

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As cocaine use skyrocketed, heroin moved to the background — at least on the streets of middle America. But today heroin is back in a big way — this time coming … Most of us would ask the very reasonable question, "With all that is known about the … Read more on Huntington Herald Dispatch


Russia's Flesh Eating Heroin And Other Seriously Bad Drugs

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Sun City Woman, Brenda Lipe, Gets Jail in Child Abuse Case

Sun City woman, Brenda Lipe, gets jail in child abuse case

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Sun City mother of three who was arrested after authorities found two methamphetamine labs in her house has been sentenced in a child abuse case. Maricopa County … Lipe was arrested last April on suspicion of child abuse and drug possession charges. Read more on (KNXV-TV)


Resolve to Plan, Not Play in 2013

Resolve to plan, not play in 2013

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Having an idle mind, which always proves to be the devil's workshop, John tried crack cocaine for the first time in his life. This occurred at a party … Within two years, John was out of his parents' home and living as a “crack-head” on the streets … Read more on Clarksville Leaf Chronicle


Neighbors of Kimberly Losurdo say they called DCF on her multiple times

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