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Drug Addicts Who Lie…?

Question by uglibetty: drug addicts who lie…?
Ok, my situation was that I tried to help an ex bf for about a year and half. He was trying to kick a coke addiction and I tried to understand, emotionally support him and even attended NA meetings.

He ended up lying and lying about drugs, so both of us agreed that I would control the money and give him what he needed for gas, etc. It was working out well (although I always suspected he was still doing something, but couldn’t figure out how).

Senate Judiciary Committee Looks at Vermont Drug Abuse

Senate Judiciary Committee Looks At Vermont Drug Abuse

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A field hearing of the U.S. Senate Judiciary committee was held in Rutland on Monday to take testimony on Vermont's efforts to deal with heroin and opiod addiction. Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin brought the issue of drug addiction to national … Read more on WAMC


Alcoholism and Drug Addiction: A psychological addiction or a physical addiction

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Debate: What Do You Think of Cannabis, Weed, Ganja, Grass, Green.?

Question by Andrew: Debate: What do you think of Cannabis, Weed, Ganja, Grass, Green.?
Debate on the illegality and prohibition of cannabis. What do you believe are the truths on it. Its harms and it’s benefits.
Some interesting things said, ‘?•?•?’ You’re statistics on the addictiveness of cannabis and it’s relation to opiates, I’d very much like to know the source as these are things I’ve not heard before. I do agree with you for the most part excluding those facts mentioned that I am unsure of. As for the psychological addiction I’d have to disagree on the basis of things such as ‘Gaming addiction’. Though I could understand saying cannabis does have some physical addictions as it is putting things into your body. When it comes to the affects of quitting I believe that one of the main things to remember about cannabis is that it effects everyone differently and so there is no exact way to determine the effect it will have on each person. Just as another input I would say if it was legalised and regulated 18 would be the appropriate age in my opinion but I have heard people say that particularly under the age of 15 is where the real danger is.

How Do I Stop Looking at Porn?

Question by : How do I stop looking at porn?
That is all I am going to say. I am not happy about this and I have a problem. Help only, please no scolding or name calling. I just want tips to stop this “addiction” as some call it. I am christian so I will accept those type of answer.

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Answer by Worshiping the Earth!
Just quit cold turkey. It’s not a physical addiction, you know.

Answer by Jas P2

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Can I Get Addicted to Poping Thizz Pills?

Question by GodisLove: can i get addicted to poping thizz pills?
i popped a thiz pill for the very first time last night with some friends.
im thinking of doing it more, but will i get addicted?

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Answer by RedTigerLily xLive
Of course you can get addicted to ecstasy (Thizz pills are actually commonly mixed with other drugs ie; Crack, Meth, Lsd!)

Are you an idiot? Of course ecstasy pill are addictive, and once you are addicted you will go downhill from there.

Good luck whoring yourself out for your next fix.

Can Anyone Explain All the Different Drugs That People Do?

Question by Abcda D: can anyone explain all the different drugs that people do?
were learning about drugs in my health class and i dont know anything about them. ive heard of drugs like crack, cocaine, meth, weed, etc., but i dont know anything about them. what are tehy used for? what do they look like (i know cocaine is in the form of powder and you sniff it, but the rest of them i dont know)?

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Do U Know About Drugs and Methadone? if So, Plz Read?

Question by Ashley F: Do u know about drugs and methadone? if so, plz read?
Hi.i am just curious of others experiences. My husband and I have been on methadone for a year now. at a local methadone treatment center in our area. We have 3 kids. and our lives have improoved 9483% since treatment. we been together a total of 5 years and the first 3 were nothing but insance drug abuse.(herione,pills,oxy’… crack cocaine) we said enoughs enough and went into treatment without looking back, even moved to get away from drug dealers to advoid some temptations.My ? is tho, how long do u think I should stay in recovery? Im scared to be there “Forever”…but i dont thikn im ready to come out yet. I still go thru withdrawn some in the A.m. before my dose.It has saved our relationship and family.this clinic. so im glad for that. but can it do more harm then good in the long run? should we get into counceling? any one with any info im all ears! i kno what the ppl say at the clinic, My dr. and nurses and stuff. But i would like real like experiances

Expert Panel Publishes Report on New Drug-Driving Offence Prompted by Lillian

Expert panel publishes report on new drug-driving offence prompted by Lillian

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It recommends adopting limits for illegal substances such as cannabis, heroin and cocaine and stricter controls for people who drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs at the same time. The panel says the new offence should also contain … Read more on This is Croydon


Kicking the butt

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