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Lives 'Left in Ruin' by Rising Tide of Depression Drugs

Lives 'left in ruin' by rising tide of depression drugs

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According to recent research, one in three British women and one in 10 men now take the medication, including popular brands such as Prozac, Cipramil and Seroxat, at some point in their lives. … GP wrote her a prescription for lorazepam, a potent … Read more on


Remembering the Drug Court Revolution

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A Tribute to Dennis Liwewe: Zambia vs. British Colonials Commentary Extracts

A tribute to Dennis Liwewe: Zambia Vs. British Colonials commentary extracts

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A patriotic Zambian whisked overnight by air to me the old audio tape for computer digital reconfiguring by the crack team of the University's Information Technology Center. Since parts of the audio tape have deteriorated over the last 49 years, some … Read more on Lusaka Times


Cocaine Video – School Project – This is our informational/entertaining video on cocaine for health class.


Can the police search your cellphone without a warrant?

Pine Plains Man Had Child Pornography, State Police Say

Pine Plains man had child pornography, state police say

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… with third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance after members of the Dutchess County Drug Task Force executed a search warrant at his Collegeview Avenue apartment Monday at 6:30 p.m. and seized 17 bags of crack cocaine and narcotic … Read more on Poughkeepsie Journal


Trial Begins for "Ice Cream Man" Murder

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Dozens Denied Navy Base Access Due to Past Crimes

Dozens denied Navy base access due to past crimes

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Savage's criminal history also includes possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine. After the shooting aboard the Mahan, the commander in charge of Navy installations for most of the East Coast issued new … During the same time period, 1,018 … Read more on WAVY-TV


Police: Man tried to drown officers

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ISP: Know the Signs of Hazardous Meth Lab Garbage

ISP: Know the signs of hazardous meth lab garbage

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So it's a good time for the Indiana State Police to warn folks of the potential hazard posed by trash left behind by the manufacturers of methamphetamine (meth). The ISP's Meth Suppression Section wants people to know that this trash may contain … Read more on Chesterton Tribune


Investigators say alcohol likely factor in fatal crash

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2 Kilograms of Cocaine Found in Medford Traffic Stop

2 kilograms of cocaine found in Medford traffic stop

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Two men are facing charges that they hid two kilograms of cocaine in the bottom of a child's car seat while driving on Route 28 in Medford Saturday night, State Police said in a statement. Royer Vasquez Delrosario, 24, of New Jersey and Victor Nicolas … Read more on Boston Globe


Ryan Malone charged with DUI, cocaine possession

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Who Sings a Song Called Cocaine?

Question by hurt677: who sings a song called cocaine?
the songs lyrics are
“cocaine it’ll make a n**** do strange things
money mane it’ll make a b**** do strange things

Best answer:

Answer by LISA may be it not sure

Answer by Melli
i think its gucci mane
i know that song i just cant think of the artist

Add your own answer in the comments!


Rob Ford investigation in purgatory – What comes next for Toronto's

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3 Men Charged in Campbell Drug Bust

3 men charged in Campbell drug bust

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During the search, police found nearly 10 grams of crack cocaine, baggies of marijuana, a straw used for snorting cocaine with residue on it, and nearly $ 8,000 in cash. The drugs and paraphernalia were found in the vehicle and on the suspects, police said. Read more on WKBN/WYFX-TV


Cocaine Addiction has Possible Cure – A medicine used to treat migraines and epilepsy could be the solution to curb a cocaine addiction.


What Do You Think of This New Study That Concludes That Alcohol Is “More Lethal Than Cocaine, Heroin”?

Question by Welcome to Amerika Mr. 0rwell !!: What do you think of this new study that concludes that alcohol is “more lethal than cocaine, heroin”?
Basically British researches ranked substances according to their overall detriment to individual health and society as a whole. Alcohol was number 1 on the list ahead of crack, cocaine and heroin. Marijuana and LSD ranked towards the bottom of the list.

Do you think this is enough for the U.S. to at least consider re-classifying some of it’s illegal narcotics? (Specifically removing marijuana from the Schedule 1 classification which includes heroin, cocaine etc.)

Canadian Vending Machines Now Sell Crack Pipes

Canadian vending machines now sell crack pipes

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Vending machines selling crack cocaine pipes for 25 cents (about 14 pence) have been erected in Vancouver, Canada. The purpose of the two machines, established by the Portland Hotel Society, is to provide habitual drug users with access to clean pipes, … Read more on Metro


Hartford man accused of dealing crack cocaine in Middletown pleads not guilty

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