Tennessee Bill OKs Criminal Charges for Mothers' Prenatal Drug Use

Tennessee bill OKs criminal charges for mothers' prenatal drug use

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A bill to allow criminal assault charges against women whose infants suffer harm from their mothers' prenatal drug abuse may soon be on the books in Tennessee. The bill now awaits a signature from Republican Gov. Bill Haslam. The measure would allow … Read more on MSNBC


Tennessee Passes Legislation to Criminally Prosecute DrugAddicted Pregnant

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Tennessee's legislature gave its approval a bill that would criminalize some drug-addicted pregnant women, depending on the outcome of their pregnancy. The bill, if signed into law, would allow prosecutors to charge a woman with an "assaultive offense … Read more on The Wire


Efforts increased to reduce heroin, prescription drug addiction in Macomb

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Doctors are being pressured to reduce their liberal distribution of drug prescriptions because of an “epidemic” of abuse. Dependence on opiates such as Vicodin and OxyContin is blamed for turning prescription drug addicts into heroin addicts. Heroin … Read more on The Macomb Daily