Why Does a 6yr Old Boy Do These Things?

Question by : Why does a 6yr old boy do these things?
It is my stepson my hub has full custody. His bio mom did only god knows what kind of drugs or how much and has not seen him since he was 2. He has done numerous things, but here are a few. Christmas day broke a remote control airplane on purpose and done it cause he wanted to at least thats what he says. He will turn the glade air freshners upside down so all the smell good stuff will leak out. He always takes his pictures in the house puts them in front of his half 18 mth old sisters. Or he will lay his sisters flat. He will laugh evil when the baby is getting corrected for something. He gets up in the middle of the night and ramsacks through the house, he has Been busted, things taken away, stood in the corner, we have tried the nice approach and all of this has been consistent. He still defies everything we say. He is on Aderall and why is it he knows not to do bad things
At school but he refuses to at home. He has told me he likes to hurt people. The list goes on……please someone help I am to the point all I want to do is get the kid out of my. House forever I can’t stand to even look, talk, hear, or even have feelings for, or towards the kid. It is putting a huge strain on our marriage and my husband is still in denial. I really wish I knew what to do I love my husband so much and know he loves me I just don’t know how to make him see how truly evil his messed up kid is.

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Answer by Robert
lock him somewhere ,that will cause the kid to feel claustrophobic , this will generate signals in his brain that he needs help and wants someone he knows or is familiar with therefore he will despise the fact hes gonna be locked n the room and will never want to go back ,or just simply beat the shit out of the kid say he fell on his bike

Answer by Bob Pickles
He wants attention and this is the only way he sees he can get it, his own mother abandoned him and now you are rejecting him too – put yourself in his shoes, he sees his baby sisters getting all the attention and feels that no one likes him. He’s an angry and hurt little boy but that’s what he is, a little boy, don’t expect him to think like an adult. He needs one to one time with his father and you, he’s bound to be needy because his own mother didn’t want him. Putting him on medication is only increasing his sense of being different and is probably not helping. You need to start positive discipline, rewarding his good behaviour rather than concentrating on the bad. Reward charts, stickers and little gifts can be a massive help with kids his age. Getting him involved in sports and swimming to use up his energy, cut out sweets and fizzy drinks. Get him to help when you’re baking or help with chores or laying the table do that he feels wanted and useful. I’m not saying it will be easy but he’s not evil just a confused and upset little boy.

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