On Tv I See a Book on The”alcoholism Cure”..?

Question by jim b: on tv i see a book on the”alcoholism cure”..?
im in recovery and the aa people i talk to say AA is the only way, anyone read the book? input? pls

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Answer by Future Doctor
I haven’t read or heard about the book. But I’m sure the book is just a gimmick for you to spend your money on the book. Alcoholism is sometimes “cured” because someone got a wake up call or some psychological change but that can be the same for any addiction. For many if not all it is a physical addiction that your body and mind gets used to it and actually craves it. It is hard to get over any addiction, the book might help change your mindset or it might not. Everybody acts different to addiction/ recovery. What might heal you might not heal someone else and vice versa.

All i can say 100% is stick on your path to your recovery and keep going to your AA meetings. You should be very proud of yourself for trying to recover! Just stay positive even through the hard times.
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Answer by raysny
That’s Chris Prentiss’s book, “The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure”. Prentiss started Passages Malibu, the expensive non-12step rehab.

I found the book at my local library. I read it, their program has to do with a lot of individual attention, that seems to be it’s major benefit, it’s other major attraction is that it does not incorporate AA dogma.

I’m less impressed with Alcoholics Anonymous. AA is not the only way, it’s not even a particularly good way to quit drinking, but that’s not the focus of AA:
“To some people we need not, and probably should not emphasize the spiritual feature on our first approach. We might prejudice them. At the moment we are trying to put our lives in order. But this is not an end in itself. Our real purpose is to fit ourselves to be of maximum service to God and the people about us.” BB, pg. 76-77

The object of AA is to form a new relationship with God so that He grants you a daily reprieve from your desire to drink. What you have here is basically faith healing.

AA is a placebo, it does not improve upon the rate of natural remission; about 5% stay sober in AA, about 5% of people quit on their own. The AA concepts of powerlessness and alcoholism as a disease can cause those who accept the program and relapse to give up. People who fail in AA often end up worse from learned helplessness. The Brandsma study took people who had been arrested on alcohol offenses and place them in three groups. The AA group engaged in five times as much binge drinking as the group that received no treatment, nine times as much as the group that received rational behavior therapy. The Ditman study showed that “free” AA led to later costly hospitalizations.

Check out “What Works?”:

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