Our View: Christianson Is the Bee's Choice for Stanislaus County Sheriff

Our View: Christianson is The Bee's choice for Stanislaus County sheriff

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We've been the meth capital of the world, the car-theft capital of the world and many gang members called us home sweet home. What's the next next crime wave and how do we prepare for it? … We agree with the sheriff that standards should stay put … Read more on Modesto Bee


Sheriff's race Q&A with candidates Bledsoe, Daron

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I am not talking about placing distracting signs on the side of the road; accidents involving distracted drivers have risen 62 % in the last four years. I will focus on education with drivers the age 18-20, as they lead our county in traffic … As … Read more on The Tennessean


Sheriff's Candidate Finds Stolen Campaign Signs During Meth Bust

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ELKTON, Ky – This is often a time when politics gets dirty, but a Todd County, Kentucky Sheriff's candidate said he's getting the last laugh after finding his stolen campaign signs. Tony McCormick, 40, was already headed to jail. There was a warrant … Read more on NewsChannel5.com