What's Next for Michael Alig

What's Next for Michael Alig

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And then imagine that you become addicted to a range of substances and your thin grasp of reality becomes even thinner and you cross the line and you kill a friend who's also a drug dealer, cut him up and throw him in the river but go on as if nothing … Read more on Papermag


burglar suspected of carjacking woman in Dublin 4

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'A Man Called Destruction': A Definitive Bio of Alex Chilton, Cult Legend of Rock

'A Man Called Destruction': a definitive bio of Alex Chilton, cult legend of rock

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After a name change, the Devilles became the Box Tops. Lady luck smiled upon Chilton … Chilton's increasing substance abuse problems caused his live performances to become erratic, and his records also suffered from a lack of focus. Bell died in a … Read more on Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


Deadly addiction: Heroin use, a tragic wrong turn for prescription drug

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Business Live: AstraZeneca Tells Pfizer It Is Better Off Alone

Business Live: AstraZeneca tells Pfizer it is better off alone

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Katja Hall, the CBI's chief policy director, tells the Today programme why the business lobby group is expecting such great things from the economy in the next three months: "Because the recovery is really taking root and is becoming broad-based. Read more on BBC News



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Family: Probe Into Shooting of Boulder's Joe Cahill Failed to Find Truth

Family: Probe into shooting of Boulder's Joe Cahill failed to find truth

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Ken Cahill and his sister Pat McCullough are left with many questions they say have not been answered to their satisfaction. They go back to several hours before the shooting took place, starting with their brother Joe … At the request of the Daily … Read more on Boulder Daily Camera


CBS Announces 2013-2014 Season Finale Storylines

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Deadly Addiction: Heroin Use, a Tragic Wrong Turn for Prescription Drug

Deadly addiction: Heroin use, a tragic wrong turn for prescription drug

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In many cases the drug is heroin. Its use has reached crisis levels in the region, across the state and nationwide, leading to a spike in the number of overdose deaths and an increased push by legislators for public education and resources for … Read more on TheDay.com


Treatment for cocaine addicts?

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Alcohol Abuse in Teens



Jacqui Lambie: Underdog rising

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It now accepted that Lambie suffered thoracic or middle back pain and was entitled to be compensated, and accepted it should assist with a rehabilitation program to help her return to work. It would later accept liability for her depression and alcohol … Read more on Tasmania Examiner


Breaking the Chains of Addiction

Breaking the Chains of Addiction – Minister Johnnie W. Foster of Freedom Through Christ Group Ministries, Inc., of Durham N.C. shares his personal testimony of how he overcame a ‘Crack Cocaine…


duo suspects in carjacking

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GARDAI believe a crystal meth addict is the chief suspect for the carjacking incident in Ballsbridge last week. … The narcotic is cheaper than crack cocaine and has enjoyed a boom as less heroin reaches Ireland. Addictive. The drug is highly … Read more on Herald.ie


A Tribute to Dennis Liwewe: Zambia vs. British Colonials Commentary Extracts

A tribute to Dennis Liwewe: Zambia Vs. British Colonials commentary extracts

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A patriotic Zambian whisked overnight by air to me the old audio tape for computer digital reconfiguring by the crack team of the University's Information Technology Center. Since parts of the audio tape have deteriorated over the last 49 years, some … Read more on Lusaka Times


Cocaine Video – School Project – This is our informational/entertaining video on cocaine for health class.


Can the police search your cellphone without a warrant?

Everyday Drugs, Everyday High

Everyday Drugs, Everyday High

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“It's called volatile substance abuse. Unfortunately, it has a very deleterious effect on the sinuses. It affects the neurons; they dilute or dissolve the fats of [cells in] the sinus. We've seen many cases where they develop prolonged psychosis,” Dr … Read more on JustHere Qatar


Heroin finding its way into remote communities

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Rules Change Means More Drug Offenders Are Eligible for Clemency

Rules change means more drug offenders are eligible for clemency

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The changes are part of a broader effort by the to modify sentencing laws, allowing for use of rehabilitation and other alternatives to deal with non-violent drug offenders and those who previously faced tough mandatory minimum … Read more on WQAD.com — Quad Cities News & Weather from WQAD


Portsmouth Municipal Court beginning its own drug court

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