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Signs and Symptoms of Meth Addiction

Signs and symptoms of meth addiction – Signs and symptoms of meth addiction | Addiction Blog The three main signs of meth addiction include: 1. Lo…


Our View: Christianson Is the Bee's Choice for Stanislaus County Sheriff

Our View: Christianson is The Bee's choice for Stanislaus County sheriff

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We've been the meth capital of the world, the car-theft capital of the world and many gang members called us home sweet home. What's the next next crime wave and how do we prepare for it? … We agree with the sheriff that standards should stay put … Read more on Modesto Bee


Sheriff's race Q&A with candidates Bledsoe, Daron

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Is Meth Really That Bad?

Question by : Is meth really that bad?
I just watched a documentary about meth, and it makes it sound like an impossibly addictive substance.

Like, you try it once and you are hooked for life.

I know a long time ago there was a huge campaign to convince peoole that marijuana was this awful, destructive drug, just like they describe meth today.

Is it really that bad, or is this just another scare campaign?

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Answer by packerfan
Did this documentary show “before & after” pictures of meth users? That stuff messes you up.

Part 1: Meth Addiction From the Law Enforcement Perspective

Part 1: Meth addiction from the law enforcement perspective

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PRYOR, OK — Editor's note: The Times will have a four-part series about methamphetamine over four consecutive weekend editions. The project covers the subject from … The casual user may show few symptoms to the untrained eye. But as the effects of … Read more on Pryor Daily Times


Uruguay's prisoners could get stoned, but not with rocks

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Meth Addict Returns Stolen Purse With Heart-Warming Note

Meth addict returns stolen purse with heart-warming note

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And more surprised still when inside she found an apologetic note from the person who had found it. The heart-warming note, posted on Imgur, explains that the purse was picked up by a crystal meth addict. Although they took the cash inside, after … Read more on Metro


Don’t meth with it – The troubles that can come with the use of meth performed by some junior level nursing students of Marian University in Fond du Lac, WI. Just don’t meth with…

Funding Is in Doubt for Regina Drug Addiction Housing Program

Funding is in doubt for Regina drug addiction housing program

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Addicted to drugs and driven to crime in desperation to get their next fix, women who are arrested on drug charges have two options: go to jail or get clean and serve their sentence in the community. … The two-year pilot project, run through the … Read more on News Talk 650 CKOM


Judge: 'Lazy, stupid and abusing drugs is no way to go through life'

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More Rustlers Stealing Cattle for Meth Money

More rustlers stealing cattle for meth money

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According to the report, cattle ranchers and law enforcement are fighting a new battle to protect herds from meth addicts who steal cattle and sell them to finance their drug habits. In Missouri, surveillance footage caught thieves backing up a big rig … Read more on


Local Experts Discuss Meth Mouth, Growing Meth Problem

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Lawmakers, Doctors Push for Electronic Prescription Drug Database

Lawmakers, doctors push for electronic prescription drug database

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… by Montgomery County Rep. Thomas Murt, would increase the mandatory minimum sentences for first and subsequent drug trafficking offenses involving significant amounts of heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine. House Bill 1298, by Bucks County Rep … Read more on The Intelligencer


Chillicothe to regulate meth-lab cleanups

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The proposal is patterned after legislation adopted in 2008 in Cuyahoga Falls in Summit County, an area that, mostly because of aggressive enforcement, has become Ohio's statistical hotbed of meth, a highly addictive and destructive home-brewed drug. Read more on Columbus Dispatch

Random Testing Shows Majority of Corrections Officers Are Clean

Random testing shows majority of corrections officers are clean

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Paula? The arrests of two Halawa correctional officers earlier this year for allegedly smuggling crystal methamphetamine into the prison pointed to a perhaps bigger issue: Whether drug use is rampant among ACO's? Prison guard indicted for ice smuggling … Read more on KITV Honolulu


Wrongful death claim filed in El Centro in-custody death

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Meth Addiction Help

Meth Addiction Help – Discover how to choose the best Meth Addiction Help and Drug Rehab Center. This decision could be the most important one you c…


More Funding for Drug Courts Could Help Franklin County, Officials Say

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Medications to treat addicts are also very costly, she noted. Locally, there has been a shift away from methamphetamine to heroin and prescription drug abuse, Billington said, adding that local youth are falling prey to addiction. The Franklin County … Read more on The Missourian